Free Fidget Spinner with $50 Purchase (OVER)

UPDATE 6/12/17: We’ve run out of fidget spinners so this promo is over.

Fidget spinners have been becoming more and more popular ever since the start of 2017. As of now the spinning toy is sweeping across the nation, at one point taking up every spot in Amazon’s top 20 bestselling toys. These toys are designed to relieve stress and help people who have trouble with fidgeting. They have even been called the “must-have office toy of 2017.” Fidget spinner sales are showing no signs of slowing and would make a great gift for those fidgety kids who are out of school for summer.

Right now at Retro Active, any $50 purchase comes with a free fidget spinner! There’s not a better way to get you hands on one of these trending toys at the moment than to take advantage of this deal. So come on down to Retro Active at Broadway at the Beach or order online to join the craze or start a collection. But hurry, this deal is only available while supplies last. Here’s some recommendations for what to buy:
Retro Active has a large assortment of t-shirts for just about anyone.
Another great option is themed board games such as Dr. Who Yahtzee or Nintendo Monopoly.
Retro Active also has a large selection of coozies and kitchenware to help spice up your daily activities.

2 thoughts on “Free Fidget Spinner with $50 Purchase (OVER)

  1. I’m from columbus,Ohio and I come into your store every year and love your car stickers.i bought last year a couple of nirvana and Rolling Stones and ect.. they were behind the cash register but I don’t see them on your website,where are they so I can order a bunch of them ??

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